Establish and Define our relationship:

This time is spent identifying the services you need to make sure they fit with what we can provide. During this time we will discuss compensation arrangements, responsibilities required of us both, how long you need our services, and any other information that may define and limit the scope of our relationship. 

Gather Data:

In order to do the best job for you, we require personal and financial data along with goals and expectations. Getting a clear picture of your financial situation and risk tolerance helps us develop a plan that suits your individual needs. We will accept documents you or your accountant has constructed or you may use worksheets we have designed.

Analyze and Evaluate your Data:

We will process the data you provide and develop a recommendation for you.

Present the Recommendations:

A face-to-face meeting is scheduled to explain the details of our recommendations. We take this time to make sure you understand each part of the plan and how it fits with your current goals and expectations.

Implement the Plan:

This is where we actually invest the dollars based on our agreed, planned recommendations.

Monitoring the Plan:

We require periodic reviews. We schedule reviews based upon your needs. It is imperative that we meet at least once a year to discuss your portfolio and to gather data that may have changed since our last meeting, as these changes may affect your plan.